56 Commits (master)

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  lilydjwg 415c741727 fix wrong Content-Type 1 year ago
  lilydjwg ad4cf53296 check more types 1 year ago
  lilydjwg c21cd7782f introduce an optional checker module 1 year ago
  lilydjwg 080eee200e fix url in template when there is a query string 2 years ago
  lilydjwg f15ec3007c strip any possible query strings when generating image urls 2 years ago
  lilydjwg b1ae17bf47 add QR code support 2 years ago
  lilydjwg da5a2c213a add index-site.html support and fix index template caching 2 years ago
  lilydjwg 1d532f3af2 fix wrong arguments passed to tornado.web.StaticFileHandler 2 years ago
  lilydjwg f611430ba6 remove webp -> png conversion as Firefox now supports them 2 years ago
  noirscape cc47e63cc7 HTTPS option added since reverse proxy can be done over HTTP. 3 years ago
  lilydjwg 22be04e934 save file size in database too 3 years ago
  lilydjwg 34d01f8c3a record client-side filenames 3 years ago
  gloomy-ghost 82aa08b92b address suggestions 3 years ago
  gloomy-ghost b16c343ac5 allow configuring a password for uploading 3 years ago
  lilydjwg 276c9bb916 log posted image urls 3 years ago
  lilydjwg f5b73aae74 fix support for Cloudflare 3 years ago
  lilydjwg f967c8172d trusted_downstream doesn't work well. add an address option 3 years ago
  lilydjwg 0c9c828eef support for Cloudflare 3 years ago
  lilydjwg ea3905526b add trusted_downstream to HTTPServer 3 years ago
  lilydjwg ee25837ac8 remove support for Python<3.2 4 years ago
  lilydjwg 663f6628ef for .png paths, convert webp to png unconditionally 4 years ago
  lilydjwg 50ddc652ef fix unknown type files don't return URLs 4 years ago
  lilydjwg 38bd401e3e dwebp: old dwebp doesn't know -quiet 5 years ago
  lilydjwg 3525b87a16 use dwebp instead of ImageMagick 5 years ago
  lilydjwg 900e665c0b convert WebP to PNG for Firefox 5 years ago
  lilydjwg 90c3293803 improve guess_mime_using_file 5 years ago
  lilydjwg 6e8cad19b6 minor changes 6 years ago
  fuyb 75c79b4093 handle open index.html file exception 6 years ago
  lilydjwg 686a53fad0 support for webp images 6 years ago
  lilydjwg 454fbb0225 fix typo 7 years ago
  lilydjwg a92474f7ac don't use .jpe as filename extension 7 years ago
  lilydjwg 939b441da6 fix for previous patch 7 years ago
  ivvei d5a39158de Update main.py 7 years ago
  lilydjwg 9eea7d81b4 more permissive about file url 7 years ago
  lilydjwg e262fb6111 add filename extension if possible 8 years ago
  lilydjwg 3bdb6a5cb6 allow svg images 8 years ago
  lilydjwg e929eb1e79 fix 9 years ago
  lilydjwg 8404d9a928 ignore file extensions 9 years ago
  lilydjwg f00ee2dda0 add simple '--fork' argument 10 years ago
  lilydjwg f4a7041111 add 'elimage' script 10 years ago
  lilydjwg 9a45ba50bb don't print uid 10 years ago
  Vayn a.k.a. VT 5f65c65121 restore 403 to 400 for uploading error 10 years ago
  Vayn a.k.a. VT baf57ab3a5 add data recording operations 10 years ago
  lilydjwg caf7e96f1b add index page 10 years ago
  lilydjwg 60cbdd1995 add comment 10 years ago
  lilydjwg 8b78f38559 make xheaders configurable 10 years ago
  lilydjwg ff79a304f8 seperate config variables 10 years ago
  lilydjwg d449265052 add HOST option to override Host header 10 years ago
  lilydjwg 28076cdc29 support WSGI 10 years ago
  lilydjwg a4280cf812 make it compatible with more python versions 10 years ago