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  noirscape 1b5cfee5df Merge https://github.com/Vim-cn/elimage pirms 8 mēnešiem
  lilydjwg 415c741727 fix wrong Content-Type pirms 9 mēnešiem
  lilydjwg ad4cf53296 check more types pirms 9 mēnešiem
  lilydjwg c21cd7782f introduce an optional checker module pirms 9 mēnešiem
  noirscape 10cf29ca24 Merge https://github.com/Vim-cn/elimage pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg 080eee200e fix url in template when there is a query string pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg f15ec3007c strip any possible query strings when generating image urls pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg b1ae17bf47 add QR code support pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg e20d6f7b6d update README pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg 9f91dd064f update index.html pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg da5a2c213a add index-site.html support and fix index template caching pirms 1 gada
  lilydjwg 1d532f3af2 fix wrong arguments passed to tornado.web.StaticFileHandler pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg f611430ba6 remove webp -> png conversion as Firefox now supports them pirms 2 gadiem
  noirscape cc47e63cc7 HTTPS option added since reverse proxy can be done over HTTP. pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 22be04e934 save file size in database too pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 34d01f8c3a record client-side filenames pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 6a4b82874c update elimage.sql pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 4e11a164d1 use clipboardData.files intead of clipboardData.items pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 434cecb942 add LICENSE pirms 2 gadiem
  依云 e8c3d58dce
Merge pull request #13 from gloomy-ghost/password pirms 2 gadiem
  gloomy-ghost 82aa08b92b address suggestions pirms 2 gadiem
  gloomy-ghost b16c343ac5 allow configuring a password for uploading pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 2033e2f062 index: bump date pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg e457ab8624 index: tell people they can actually paste! pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg c57b7d8ced add accept="image/*" to <input> pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg f41a84fbd9 Support uploading an image from clipboard, closes #12 pirms 2 gadiem
  lilydjwg 276c9bb916 log posted image urls pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg 092383e1c7 remove debugging logging pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg f5b73aae74 fix support for Cloudflare pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg f967c8172d trusted_downstream doesn't work well. add an address option pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg 0c9c828eef support for Cloudflare pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg 82dcdf74dd remove obsolete config variable PREFIX pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg ea3905526b add trusted_downstream to HTTPServer pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg bc5dc1c1e4 update README pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg ee25837ac8 remove support for Python<3.2 pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg 663f6628ef for .png paths, convert webp to png unconditionally pirms 3 gadiem
  lilydjwg 50ddc652ef fix unknown type files don't return URLs pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg ea89ea4ce1 Revert "IE<8 don't support data URIs" pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 9bcfe6f404 IE<8 don't support data URIs pirms 4 gadiem
  gloomy-ghost e2f486a604 Update index.html pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 130a2a40f0 use HTTPS for links that support it pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 38bd401e3e dwebp: old dwebp doesn't know -quiet pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 3525b87a16 use dwebp instead of ImageMagick pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 900e665c0b convert WebP to PNG for Firefox pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 90c3293803 improve guess_mime_using_file pirms 4 gadiem
  lilydjwg 6e8cad19b6 minor changes pirms 5 gadiem
  fuyb 75c79b4093 handle open index.html file exception pirms 5 gadiem
  lilydjwg b6f25deb47 fix curl call pirms 5 gadiem
  lilydjwg 7b3db05b60 upload script: support reading from stdin pirms 5 gadiem
  lilydjwg 686a53fad0 support for webp images pirms 5 gadiem