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  lilydjwg b1ae17bf47 add QR code support 2 years ago
  lilydjwg 9f91dd064f update index.html 2 years ago
  noirscape cc47e63cc7 HTTPS option added since reverse proxy can be done over HTTP. 3 years ago
  lilydjwg 4e11a164d1 use clipboardData.files intead of clipboardData.items 3 years ago
  gloomy-ghost 82aa08b92b address suggestions 3 years ago
  gloomy-ghost b16c343ac5 allow configuring a password for uploading 3 years ago
  lilydjwg 2033e2f062 index: bump date 3 years ago
  lilydjwg e457ab8624 index: tell people they can actually paste! 3 years ago
  lilydjwg c57b7d8ced add accept="image/*" to <input> 3 years ago
  lilydjwg f41a84fbd9 Support uploading an image from clipboard, closes #12 3 years ago
  lilydjwg ea89ea4ce1 Revert "IE<8 don't support data URIs" 5 years ago
  lilydjwg 9bcfe6f404 IE<8 don't support data URIs 5 years ago
  gloomy-ghost e2f486a604 Update index.html 5 years ago
  lilydjwg 130a2a40f0 use HTTPS for links that support it 5 years ago
  lilydjwg b6f25deb47 fix curl call 6 years ago
  lilydjwg 7b3db05b60 upload script: support reading from stdin 6 years ago
  lilydjwg 49a1d32968 minor change 7 years ago
  lilydjwg c6d958a190 fix elimage script 7 years ago
  lilydjwg ef4f7df3c3 show process info in elimage script 8 years ago
  lilydjwg e1893dbbec add --compressed to curl command 9 years ago
  lilydjwg af57af7541 fix typo 9 years ago
  lilydjwg d3c8311af6 bump date 9 years ago
  lilydjwg 21fe9f00f6 chmod -x 9 years ago
  lilydjwg 09c205ca0e add web uploading capacity 9 years ago
  lilydjwg d7d65800d7 link update 10 years ago
  lilydjwg f4a7041111 add 'elimage' script 10 years ago
  lilydjwg c7010da5d1 update urls 10 years ago
  lilydjwg 13f00e3745 update index.html 10 years ago
  lilydjwg 3cb6b9624c update index page 10 years ago
  lilydjwg caf7e96f1b add index page 10 years ago