Fork of elimage with specific modifications for my instance.
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<title>elimage: CLI image pastebin</title>
elimage(1) ELIMAGE elimage(1)
Elimage: CLI Image Pastebin
curl -F 'name=@/path/to/image' {{ url }}
Or upload via your browser: <form action="/" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" style="display: inline;"><input type="file" name="image" width="10" multiple accept="image/*"/>{% if password_required %}<input type="password" name="password" style="width: 20px" required/>{% end %}<input type="submit" value="Upload!"/></form>
You can also paste an image here.
Paste image files with command line. You can give <u>-F</u> more times to paste
more images.
<span style="color:#ffc000" >$</span> curl -F 'name=@screenshot.png' {{ url }}
{% if url.find('') != -1 or url.find('') != -1 %}<a href="{{ url }}97/2d8490849c8fab885218b478cc715ab0f3f4a9">{{ url }}97/2d8490849c8fab885218b478cc715ab0f3f4a9</a>{% else %}{{ url }}97/2d8490849c8fab885218b478cc715ab0f3f4a9{% end %}
{% if url.find('') != -1 %}<a href=""></a>{% else %}<a href=""></a>{% end %}
A CLI code pastebin
<a href=""></a>
<a href="elimage">elimage</a>: script to quickly paste your images
22 Feb 2018 elimage(1)
<script>document.onpaste=function(a){var b=a.clipboardData;if('file'===b.items[0].kind){document.getElementsByName('image')[0].files=b.files;document.getElementsByTagName('form')[0].submit()}};</script>
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