Fork of elimage with specific modifications for my instance.
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An image paste service in favor of command line usage.


Run it

Before you run it, you should configure the logging database. Rename elimage.db.sample to match the one in

Run ./ to start the server.

By default it runs at port 8888, with /tmp as data directory to store image files. Try option --help to know how to change them.

You can change some options in file

Upload images

Use the command line to upload image files and you’ll get result URL printed. You can specify multiple -F parameters for multiple image files. The name of the form field doesn’t matter.

curl -F 'name=@path/to/image' http://<your_host>/


  • Python 3.5+
  • The file command
  • tornado 3.2+
  • The qrencode command if you want support for QR-code output