129 Commits (rewrite)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  noirscape fcbf0146bf Start using GINO 1 year ago
  noirscape 764c28bdc1
Start work on GDPR stuff 1 year ago
  noirscape 10e82c68de Start work on role assignments 1 year ago
  noirscape 44f0e261ab Add database stuff, add asset store in guild 1 year ago
  noirscape 38688b0aa2 Bootstrapping loader 1 year ago
  noirscape 9718f8638f Finish up guild watch module 1 year ago
  noirscape ea228293e2 Starting rewrite 2 years ago
  noirscape 7d95df263a Cleanup before rewrite 2 years ago
  noirscape 3c1dd1599a Add status rotation checking command for debugging reasons. 2 years ago
  noirscape b0ed2e3e3b
Fix status cog failing 2 years ago
  noirscape cc5cefaa21
Fix undefined activity_type in status. 2 years ago
  noirscape 01214316d7
Better exception reporting 2 years ago
  noirscape 0a4538cde9
Fix starboard URLs 2 years ago
  noirscape b982da679c Fix yet _another_ typo 2 years ago
  noirscape 00999d1a4c Add some vote shilling 2 years ago
  noirscape a08ee36b81 Bleh 2 years ago
  noirscape 7836fa4bf4 Added missing self 2 years ago
  noirscape ed880f1a44 Whoopsie 2 years ago
  noirscape ec81baf1dc Add aiohttp 2 years ago
  noirscape 9bd9c71aa7 Change print line to be correct 2 years ago
  noirscape 133d468f27 Remove more wrong stuff 2 years ago
  noirscape ac503f1246 Fix more broken lines 2 years ago
  noirscape 7ea47c348d Fix old line 2 years ago
  noirscape 805c79b336 Add TopGG notifier 2 years ago
  noirscape dfbf703fa8
Fix prefix detection in logs, add member update logging 2 years ago
  noirscape e07650c165 Use tasks for status (hopefully this resolves the weird task loss) 2 years ago
  noirscape 4e1a40847a
Add jump URL to embed 2 years ago
  noirscape 49af19817d
Fix starboard, fix updater 2 years ago
  noirscape 0461ac29af
Remove reliance on hastebin 2 years ago
  noirscape 67728d3ac2
Fix up rotate_status not showing custom command prefix 2 years ago
  noirscape 69bce55ac8
Add new entry for missing dict, fixing tiny bug 2 years ago
  noirscape 06325caa8d
Add error redirection cog 2 years ago
  noirscape 6c6eeb2134
FBI command 2 years ago
  noirscape 647adda999
Add headpat command 2 years ago
  noirscape 5d4f93cecb
Send output somewhere sensible now that it's no longer DMs... 2 years ago
  noirscape 3f8693ef58
Add "emoji add" and "emoji delete" commands 2 years ago
  noirscape fb2adb7863
Fix typo 2 years ago
  noirscape 68e4090ac2
Use jishaku (fancier output) for updating! 2 years ago
  noirscape c210b16703
I'm halfway competent... I swear! 2 years ago
  noirscape 79045cbc10
TFW you forget to push the main cog 2 years ago
  noirscape 4bb0475a98
New archivaris cog. 2 years ago
  noirscape ab3f8999a7
Update copyright year 2 years ago
  noirscape 4c849f3085
Fix intermediary reaction not working properly. 2 years ago
  noirscape 13b9fab2d0
Add emoji cog 2 years ago
  noirscape 7909c2f540
Switch to d.py stable and fix DM help bug 2 years ago
  noirscape bdd55da230
Fix serial checking logic heavily. 2 years ago
  noirscape 8decc29a50
Fix reload logic, made it reload the actual cog from the cog list. 2 years ago
  noirscape 9bb1c1d720
Removes extraneous X 2 years ago
  noirscape 50b41fd392
Lengthen serial Xs to the end 2 years ago
  noirscape db3c04d883
Cleanup some unchecked sends (still needs more work!) 2 years ago