The discord logbot for paranoid people
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import click
import viewer
import logger
import db
import eralchemy
from flask_frozen import Freezer
def cli():
def gen_erd():
"""Generate the database ERD using ERAlchemy."""
eralchemy.render_er(db.Base, "erd.png")
def freeze():
"""Freeze the viewer data using Frozen-Flask.
Output data will be in the build/ directory."""["FREEZER_RELATIVE_URLS"] = True
freezer = Freezer(
with click.progressbar(
item_show_func=lambda p: p.url if p else 'Done!') as urls:
for url in urls:
def run_logger():
"""Start the logger."""
def run_viewer():
"""Run the debugging server.
You generally do NOT want to call this command in production. Run viewer:app in a WSGI server instead.
if __name__ == "__main__":