Trademark IN Fear Of Illegal Location
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Trademark IN Fear Of Illegal Location (TINFOIL)

Fork of NXBrowser that auto opens to the TESS.

Licenses and credit left intact except for hacpack (not compiling to NSP).

The name Tinfoil is not trademarked.



Launches the Internet Browser applet within a NSP. To build BrowseNX, please supply your own prod.keys.


  • p-sam - Supernag fix via sysmodule included in each release: AND wifiwebauthapplet fallback: 8360e561c5 not yet used in a libnx release
  • XorTroll - Working out the browser applet arguments and for the nsp structure/build method.
  • The-4n - Making legal NSP packing easy.
  • Switchbrew - NPDMTool



  • Libnx
  • switch-tools devkitpro package
  • prod.keys file at the repo root


  • You need to have devkitpro installed with msys, including command prompt support for msys-specific commands like mv
  • Run buildwin.bat


  • Run